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Why I Drink Shakeology


I had a super fun night with my best friend and Maid of Honor last night. I can’t even tell you the last time, just the two of us went out… While I love everything about life right now, it felt good to just go out, sit at a bar, drink wine, and catch up for hours. Besides drinking wine, we also LOVE nachos, so we enjoyed some epic nachos that had buffalo chicken, tater tots, and bacon…

Anyway, while I enjoyed every moment of last night and don’t regret the food or drink choices, today hasn’t felt great. Not necessarily hung over (thankfully), but definitely sluggish due to the wine and unhealthy food choices. Around 4pm today I made my daily nutrient – dense shake with vegan vanilla, banana, and unsweetened almond milk… and let me tell you I feel so much better. So I wanted to share my top five reasons why I drink Shakeology everyday (in no particular order).

  1. After a night of drinking, Shakeology makes me feel human again. Before I started this journey, my post going out meal was Dunkin Donuts hash browns and a bagel and now its just a Shakeology. Because Shakeology is just loaded with vitamins, minerals, and pre and probiotics, my body kinda gets a ┬ákick of nutrients, which is what my body needs. Not to mention, its about 200 calories, instead of 400 – 500.
  2. Shakeology gives me energy, which is also why it helps after a night of drinking. I don’t need caffeine the way I used to and my energy is more regulated throughout the day. I also love having one at 3 pm since it helps with that afternoon slump.
  3. Sugar cravings have diminished. That doesn’t mean they are gone… but I used to NEED dessert after dinner, but now I need it maybe once every two weeks. Also, on a day like today when I’m on the couch since it is gross outside, I often just want to eat candy… and while I had a few pieces, I quickly made myself a shakeology and haven’t wanted any more sugar.
  4. It makes my nails and hair so much stronger! I love how my nails look each day and how long they get! Perfect for getting ready for the wedding.
  5. It is slightly costly, and definitely more than a lot of products out there… and I know a lot of people don’t even try it because of the money… but the cost actually helps me be healthier… Because I know how much it costs, I don’t like throwing away the money by eating junk later in the day… it helps me stay consistent throughout the day.

It also tastes good in my opinion and there are so many options! I also love that there are sample packets for both vegan and whey protein, and there is a 30 – day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. Interested in trying? Leave me a comment and let me help you get started!

Just Keep Pushing Forward

Friday is my “weigh – in day”. It’s the day that I track my weight and measurements to see if I lost anything and for the first time since starting 80 Day Obsession, I gained weight. Over a pound. This is disappointing for a lot of reasons, especially since I have my first dress fitting today (though, I am still less than I was when I bought the dress)…

However, I have two choices. I can be upset and blame the program and say things like it isn’t working for me, nothing works for me, I’ve tried everything, and give up.


I can reflect on the type of week I had… and I’m going to be honest. Last night, I had two margaritas, a glass of wine, guacamole and chips, and half of a salad… (wow just writing that out makes me realize how much it was)… Most likely the weight gain has a lot to do with salt, but reflecting on how much I ate shows me that the program works if you follow it.

I am not going to dwell on this weight gain today and I am just going to keep pushing forward. I am going to push hard in my thirty minute cardio workout today and make as many good food choices as I can. I know I am doing Happy Hour with my best friend tonight, and I’m not going to hold back because we only live once, but it means the rest of the weekend will be clean eating and lots of water.

When you have a set back, reflect on why versus giving up. Then keep pushing forward.

Why Coaching Inspired Me to Workout

In 2015, I was approached by someone who I never met to become a Team Beachbody Coach. This person was my coach, assigned to me because I knew his sister, but other than that, I didn’t know much about him besides that he worked out regularly and posted some videos about it. Each time he asked, I said no… thinking it wasn’t for me.

But then one day, something in my head, and I still don’t know why, made me stop and think about it. I already was working out, and more importantly, I desperately wanted a body that I didn’t hate and that others admired. I didn’t agree to coach to make money, and to be truthful, I didn’t agree to coach to help others either… I agreed to coach to help me.

Since that day in April 2015, my coaching journey has been a lot of ups and downs, and again, not because of money or because of helping others, but because of my own belief in myself… I completed programs, but did not follow the calendar faithfully and took more rest days than prescribed… sometimes stopping and restarting, and rarely ever completing a program. More importantly, I did not follow the nutrition components and so while I was getting in better shape, I was not seeing the results that made me comfortable in my own skin or the results that I wanted to inspire others.

Until April 2018.

After I ran the Boston Marathon, I thought a lot about coaching and my commitment, and late one night, after eating way too much food and feeling pretty disgusted with myself, I wrote myself a letter… a letter that said I wasn’t going to help others until I learned to help myself. a letter that said I was no longer going to be X pounds and from this day forward I would lead a healthy life, a letter that said I deserved better, and had a choice to make. I spent the next two weeks doing the 21 Day Fix, and then jumping into 80 Day Obsession… and when I say jumping into it, I meant giving the workouts my all, having all of the supplements, and following the nutrition plan 80% of the time (have to be realistic with all of the wedding celebrations)…

Since this new dedication, I have lost 6 pounds and some inches… but more importantly, I feel more comfortable in my skin than I ever have before. For the first time ever, I can look at pictures and not hate my arms, and I can sit at the beach or pool and not find ways to cover my stomach. Am I completely satisfied? No… but this just makes me hungrier to keep pushing each and everyday. This program is challenging, but I also know if I wasn’t a coach, I wouldn’t be doing it. I would have said that Beachbody was just another program that didn’t work and would have tried something else.

Being a coach means people are watching… they may be judging or thinking it is some pyramid scheme, but in the end, even if I make no money, I am healthier, I feel better, I am confident.

Being a coach means developing as a person. I listen to Personal Development almost everyday, and it has helped me focus more in work, in my relationships, and on me.

Being a coach means helping people. Even when that is not my main motivation or my initial reason for signing up, I love getting messages from my coaches or customers about scale and non – scale victories.

Being a coach means getting a check each week to help me pay for my Shakeology and supplements.

Being a coach means I am working on the best version of me each day.

If you read this at all and it resonated, send me a comment. Maybe today is the day you become a coach so you inspire yourself to be the first version of you.

My Healthy Relationship with the Scale

Since starting the “wedding diet”, I’ve learned a lot and I’m excited to share this experience with you because I don’t feel like this “diet” is something I’ll only do for the next 7 weeks, but a lifestyle change, I’ve truly enjoyed…

Prior to this time, I’ve been told so many things about how to be healthy and how to lose weight… so many fad diets, so many quick fixes, so many restricted foods… but none of those are sustainable nor have they worked for me… I’ve also been told this, and I’m sure many of you have as well… track everything, and don’t go on the scale more than once a week…

I also know this about myself… I HATE tracking… I’m one of those people who tracks until they go off track and then just “forget” to track until the next day when I can start over – anyone else? Similarly, if I knew I was going out or to a gathering I would just not track that day because it was too hard.

And what about the scale? The times in my life I have stepped on the scale daily resulted in two things – hatred for the scale going up aka hatred toward myself or a celebration for the scale going down… only so it would go up again… A vicious cycle that never helped me. The times in my life I have stepped on the scale weekly have resulted in almost anxiety every night before “weigh – in” and if I gained weight that week, whatever program I was following, I just assumed it wasn’t working for me or it was too hard given whatever circumstance I wanted to use as an excuse and I would quit.

Well recently, on top of following the 80 Day Obsession, I have started learning about the 2B Mindset and Ilana, the nutritionist who created the program, has taught me two things… scale everyday and track everything… I’ve been skeptical until today… Yesterday, I didn’t track everything but I was also very conscious of the fact that Tom and I got Starbucks for breakfast, went out for lunch, and ordered Thai for dinner. This morning, I went on the scale and it was up three pounds. Here is the great thing (and yes, I said great thing…) It was the first time, I wasn’t frustrated or disappointed in myself… The difference was I looked at it as a learning opportunity… Clearly eating out three times in a day does not help me reach my goals.

The scale can feel scary and depressing or it can be used as a tool… Do I look at today’s weight gain as an actual weight gain? No! My official weigh – in days are Friday, but I know what I need to do now to help myself avoid a three pound weight gain in a day… What will I do differently next time? I could have brought breakfast. I also could have had way more water throughout the day.

It is important to remember that this is a lifestyle change and a journey and the more you learn and understanding, the more successful and the more happy you will be in the long term.

Interested in learning more about the 2B Mindset or 80 Day Obsession? Let me know! New groups are always starting and 1 on 1 coaching is also provided at no extra cost!