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Have you ever had a workout where you just were unfocused and didn’t get a great workout? I was feeling slightly sluggish this morning and was fearful that when I pressed play, I was going to have that type of workout.

Before leg day began, I wrote the word FOCUS on my calendar in my home gym. Every time my mind starting wandering, I looked at that board and told myself to focus… and each time it worked. I upped my weights and burned more calories today than last week’s leg day.

Give yourself a daily mantra and apply that mantra to each part of your life. Tonight, when my fiancĂ© comes home from work, I’m going to continue with this mantra of FOCUS… get off the computer and my phone and focus on him and us. Small daily affirmations or mantra’s help you have a better and more positive day. What will your daily mantra be?