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What’s Your Barrier?

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If I told you I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time, would you believe me? The photo on the left is almost 15 years ago, right after college. I went to the gym everyday, and thought I ate healthy, but I hated the way I looked and I constantly compared myself to others. I tried every workout out there and every nutrition program out there. I even did some pretty unhealthy things to try to lose weight, and it never worked… Then, after I broke up with my boyfriend who was a personal trainer, I lost my love of the gym, but luckily, I quickly found it again. My uncle was doing a program called P90X and got great results, and offered to pay for my program and weights… and since they I was hooked with at – home workouts… But, I still struggled and self – sabotaged, and actually never finished that program and never got those great results… Until now

The picture on the right is a girl who works out for herself and not for anyone else. It’s the girl who exercises so she’s a healthy 80 and 90 year old lady and who works out to be the best version of her for yourself, her husband, her family, and her friends. It’s also the girl that constantly reads and listens to personal development in order to overcome negative feelings and thoughts. But, those comments and thoughts of comparison and self – judgement still swirl around in her head at times, and can prevent her from feeling confident. Sometimes the reasons we don’t workout or eat healthy is a deep rooted barrier, that is hard to unmask and something I’ve been uncovering for the past two years.

So what is your barrier?

What is it that prevents you from reaching your goals?

We all have the surface level barriers… Time, will power, space, money, etc… Sure I work out 6 – 7 days a week and am relatively healthy but tell myself that because I work so many hours, I have to work out so early, which prevents me from going full out in the morning, which means I can’t get in great workouts all the time.

But is that the real reason we don’t stick to a workout program or a nutrition plan? What if I said, there are deeper reasons and some that I can’t even name for myself. I am still plagued with ex – boyfriends telling me I was gaining weight or that they didn’t want to be with me because I loved eating Sour Patch Kids (and don’t worry – they are both long gone and I still love Sour Patch Kids)… Today, I have a husband who loves me and tells me I’m perfect, and as I write this, I’m actually the lightest I’ve been since early high school – and yet, I still find flaws and I still find reasons to beat myself up when it comes to food and nutrition…

But why and how can we overcome these internal barriers that prevent us from reaching our goals… We all have an internal struggle and when we don’t address that while working out and eating healthy, we might never be happy with our progress nor will we ever truly love our bodies – and let’s be real – we only have one and the more we love it, the better we’ll treat it.

I’m telling you all this because I am beyond excited for the newest workout program I am going to complete in January with legendary celebrity trainer… Shaun T… You all probably know him from Insanity, T – 25, Cize, or Max 30, but I know him as a motivational speaker. Sure I’ve worked out with him (though I’ve only ever completed Cize), but I’ve heard him speak and the way he speaks talks to me… He talks about trusting and believing… He talks about transforming your mind, to transform your life. He talks about letting go of the past, and this comes from a person who was sexually molested his whole childhood. So when he releases a workout program that also is a mindset program, you know I’m signing up.

For the first time ever, a trainer has created a program that aims to break down those internal barriers, so you reach those external goals… And, not only will this six week commitment help break down those internal barriers, but the design of the program, makes it easy to quickly turn down external barriers… Why?

  • It is 20 minutes a day so for busy people, parents, college students it makes it harder to not work out when its only 20 minutes, which is 1.3% of your 24 hour day.
  • There is no real equipment needed! The program does use a step (yes, like the 80s step aerobics), but its not a step program, and there is a modifier who doesn’t use the step at all in the whole program so you don’t need it if you don’t have space or money to get it. You also do not need it, if you do not want it. The program calendar does not have a single weight workout; however, if you love lifting weights like me, there are options to include weight lifting workouts.
  • Speaking of modifier… there is one who takes the impact out, so if the external barrier is your current fitness level or restrictions, you have someone who you can follow.
  • There is a calendar… I have gotten a lot of questions about how can I workout consistently first thing in the morning. One of my reasons is I follow a calendar so if I skip a workout, it just messes up the calendar and that drives me crazy ha

The program is currently only released to VIP members and I’d love for you to join me. Prep week starts January 7 and the workouts start January 14. If you’re interested in learning more or trying a demo workout, or signing up, reach out to me ASAP. ¬†Even though I have worked hard to tear down barriers (internal and external), I look forward to tearing down more and helping others along the way.


How to Workout in the Morning

6:00, 6:10, 6:20… I would hear the alarm and just keep hitting snooze… Finally I’d roll out of bed around 6:30, drag myself to the shower and slowly get ready for the day… This was how the first 9 years of my professional life would go.

And then in the summer of 2016, I moved in with my now husband. And while moving in together was one of the best decisions ever, we quickly in July had to learn a lot about each how, how to communicate and how to be flexible while occupying 550 square feet in Brooklyn.

And if you know me, I’m not flexible… I like things a certain way, and usually think my way is the best way (and yes… I’m working on it and sorry for anyone I’ve offended!) So in those first few weeks of being roommates as I used to call it, I learned about something that he did that drove me insane… he hit snooze! I am a teacher and in the month of July, I don’t want to hear an alarm… but when I was hearing his multiple alarms go off every morning, and for some reason to Veruca Salt, I knew something had to change… and that was that neither of us would press snooze if the other person was in bed.

So as September began, and school started, and the schedule filled up quickly, I knew that if I wanted to workout, it had to be done before work and early. And since I’ve made that decision, I have never missed a single planned morning workout and here is how…

1. Do Not Press Snooze! The second you hear the alarm, get up… You won’t register how early it is or how tired you are before you’re well out of the bedroom!

2. Lay your clothes out. Sounds simple but taking the guess work out of what you’re going to wear is huge! I know some people sleep in their workout clothes (aka my hubby) and that’s helpful too!

3. Have some caffeine! I swear by my pre – performance workout drink! The best thing about it is if I drink it and then don’t work out, as the substance is running through my body, I get tingles… so you might as well workout to prevent the tingles!

4. Have a plan! The programs I follow at home have calendars so I know weeks in advance what the workout is and how much time I need! This also helps me mentally prepare for it!

5. Give yourself some time to reflect on the day. After my alarm goes off at 4:30, I don’t work out for 20 minutes… I usually drink my energiZe and check my day. This helps me wake up a bit!

And here is the most important:

6. It’s all about mindset and this is the most important! I go to bed with the intention of waking up and working out… If I have any self doubt about it, I can’t make myself get up to workout. Trick your mind into saying, I can’t wait to get up and workout… I promise you, if you only think about how great it will be and remove all the negative thoughts, you will do morning workouts…

I recently heard on a podcast, that you should do something everyday that makes you uncomfortable… Try the whole morning workout thing for 21 days, get uncomfortable and see how you mentally and physically change.

It is OK to have a Bad Workout


Day 47 today, and it was not my workout day. I woke up, feeling decent, but once I pressed play, that liquid gold, never kicked in. I was out of breath in the first five minutes, I couldn’t lift as much as I did last week, and quickly my enthusiasm for the workout diminished.

I had some mental choices during this 60 minutes of misery today. I could have easily given up, but I knew that wasn’t a choice I would be making. I then could either choose to suck it up and give it my all, or be annoyed throughout the workout and give it as much as I could in the moment. I did not do every rep, and I even lowered my weights throughout the workout, but at the end of the 57 minutes, I knew I made the best choice I could. I gave it all I could today and was okay at the end of the workout with my effort, because I don’t think I could have given more.

Having bad days when working out is normal… just like when I was running, having bad running days was the norm. You can decide what you do with the bad day… You can decide how you go about the rest of the day. Just because it was a bad workout, doesn’t mean I ate unhealthy or had a bad attitude all day. I was just glad I got it done, burned some calories, and worked on reaching my goals.

Embrace the suck, embrace the bad days, becaues it will make the good days that much better.

Just Keep Pushing Forward

Friday is my “weigh – in day”. It’s the day that I track my weight and measurements to see if I lost anything and for the first time since starting 80 Day Obsession, I gained weight. Over a pound. This is disappointing for a lot of reasons, especially since I have my first dress fitting today (though, I am still less than I was when I bought the dress)…

However, I have two choices. I can be upset and blame the program and say things like it isn’t working for me, nothing works for me, I’ve tried everything, and give up.


I can reflect on the type of week I had… and I’m going to be honest. Last night, I had two margaritas, a glass of wine, guacamole and chips, and half of a salad… (wow just writing that out makes me realize how much it was)… Most likely the weight gain has a lot to do with salt, but reflecting on how much I ate shows me that the program works if you follow it.

I am not going to dwell on this weight gain today and I am just going to keep pushing forward. I am going to push hard in my thirty minute cardio workout today and make as many good food choices as I can. I know I am doing Happy Hour with my best friend tonight, and I’m not going to hold back because we only live once, but it means the rest of the weekend will be clean eating and lots of water.

When you have a set back, reflect on why versus giving up. Then keep pushing forward.

Why Coaching Inspired Me to Workout

In 2015, I was approached by someone who I never met to become a Team Beachbody Coach. This person was my coach, assigned to me because I knew his sister, but other than that, I didn’t know much about him besides that he worked out regularly and posted some videos about it. Each time he asked, I said no… thinking it wasn’t for me.

But then one day, something in my head, and I still don’t know why, made me stop and think about it. I already was working out, and more importantly, I desperately wanted a body that I didn’t hate and that others admired. I didn’t agree to coach to make money, and to be truthful, I didn’t agree to coach to help others either… I agreed to coach to help me.

Since that day in April 2015, my coaching journey has been a lot of ups and downs, and again, not because of money or because of helping others, but because of my own belief in myself… I completed programs, but did not follow the calendar faithfully and took more rest days than prescribed… sometimes stopping and restarting, and rarely ever completing a program. More importantly, I did not follow the nutrition components and so while I was getting in better shape, I was not seeing the results that made me comfortable in my own skin or the results that I wanted to inspire others.

Until April 2018.

After I ran the Boston Marathon, I thought a lot about coaching and my commitment, and late one night, after eating way too much food and feeling pretty disgusted with myself, I wrote myself a letter… a letter that said I wasn’t going to help others until I learned to help myself. a letter that said I was no longer going to be X pounds and from this day forward I would lead a healthy life, a letter that said I deserved better, and had a choice to make. I spent the next two weeks doing the 21 Day Fix, and then jumping into 80 Day Obsession… and when I say jumping into it, I meant giving the workouts my all, having all of the supplements, and following the nutrition plan 80% of the time (have to be realistic with all of the wedding celebrations)…

Since this new dedication, I have lost 6 pounds and some inches… but more importantly, I feel more comfortable in my skin than I ever have before. For the first time ever, I can look at pictures and not hate my arms, and I can sit at the beach or pool and not find ways to cover my stomach. Am I completely satisfied? No… but this just makes me hungrier to keep pushing each and everyday. This program is challenging, but I also know if I wasn’t a coach, I wouldn’t be doing it. I would have said that Beachbody was just another program that didn’t work and would have tried something else.

Being a coach means people are watching… they may be judging or thinking it is some pyramid scheme, but in the end, even if I make no money, I am healthier, I feel better, I am confident.

Being a coach means developing as a person. I listen to Personal Development almost everyday, and it has helped me focus more in work, in my relationships, and on me.

Being a coach means helping people. Even when that is not my main motivation or my initial reason for signing up, I love getting messages from my coaches or customers about scale and non – scale victories.

Being a coach means getting a check each week to help me pay for my Shakeology and supplements.

Being a coach means I am working on the best version of me each day.

If you read this at all and it resonated, send me a comment. Maybe today is the day you become a coach so you inspire yourself to be the first version of you.



I don’t know about you, but I actually prefer lifting weights over cardio… while I am definitely a runner, I like a workout where I lift weights… however, it does not always burn as many calories as cardio.

Today, in 80 Day Obsession was one of my favorite workouts – Totally Body Core – complete weight lifting. Last week was the first round of phase 2, which is always challenging for me because I am not sure how much weight to lift or the correct form of the moves. Last week in the hour, I burned about 220 calories. This week, I was amped to workout. I think it had to do with more sleep, more time between waking up and working out, and having a tight agenda for the day… In that same hour and with a different mindset, I burned over 100 more calories.

It made me realize that some days will be good days working out and some days will be bad days working out. Sometimes we will feel like working out and sometimes we will not feel like working out. It is all part of the process, but having a plan will get you through the hard days. One of the reasons, and probably the first reason I fell in love with Beachbody was the workouts provided a plan… a calendar for each day of the program. There was no guessing and it made it so I still pressed play on those days I didn’t want to.

80 Day Obsession is hard, and I know 100% if I didn’t have the right mindset, I would never press play each and everyday. It took a positive mindset before I started on Day 1… Whether you join me on July 1 for my next 80 Day Obsession challenge group or you are starting another workout program, make sure you have the right mindset going into it to be successful.





My Healthy Relationship with the Scale

Since starting the “wedding diet”, I’ve learned a lot and I’m excited to share this experience with you because I don’t feel like this “diet” is something I’ll only do for the next 7 weeks, but a lifestyle change, I’ve truly enjoyed…

Prior to this time, I’ve been told so many things about how to be healthy and how to lose weight… so many fad diets, so many quick fixes, so many restricted foods… but none of those are sustainable nor have they worked for me… I’ve also been told this, and I’m sure many of you have as well… track everything, and don’t go on the scale more than once a week…

I also know this about myself… I HATE tracking… I’m one of those people who tracks until they go off track and then just “forget” to track until the next day when I can start over – anyone else? Similarly, if I knew I was going out or to a gathering I would just not track that day because it was too hard.

And what about the scale? The times in my life I have stepped on the scale daily resulted in two things – hatred for the scale going up aka hatred toward myself or a celebration for the scale going down… only so it would go up again… A vicious cycle that never helped me. The times in my life I have stepped on the scale weekly have resulted in almost anxiety every night before “weigh – in” and if I gained weight that week, whatever program I was following, I just assumed it wasn’t working for me or it was too hard given whatever circumstance I wanted to use as an excuse and I would quit.

Well recently, on top of following the 80 Day Obsession, I have started learning about the 2B Mindset and Ilana, the nutritionist who created the program, has taught me two things… scale everyday and track everything… I’ve been skeptical until today… Yesterday, I didn’t track everything but I was also very conscious of the fact that Tom and I got Starbucks for breakfast, went out for lunch, and ordered Thai for dinner. This morning, I went on the scale and it was up three pounds. Here is the great thing (and yes, I said great thing…) It was the first time, I wasn’t frustrated or disappointed in myself… The difference was I looked at it as a learning opportunity… Clearly eating out three times in a day does not help me reach my goals.

The scale can feel scary and depressing or it can be used as a tool… Do I look at today’s weight gain as an actual weight gain? No! My official weigh – in days are Friday, but I know what I need to do now to help myself avoid a three pound weight gain in a day… What will I do differently next time? I could have brought breakfast. I also could have had way more water throughout the day.

It is important to remember that this is a lifestyle change and a journey and the more you learn and understanding, the more successful and the more happy you will be in the long term.

Interested in learning more about the 2B Mindset or 80 Day Obsession? Let me know! New groups are always starting and 1 on 1 coaching is also provided at no extra cost!