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How to Workout in the Morning

6:00, 6:10, 6:20… I would hear the alarm and just keep hitting snooze… Finally I’d roll out of bed around 6:30, drag myself to the shower and slowly get ready for the day… This was how the first 9 years of my professional life would go.

And then in the summer of 2016, I moved in with my now husband. And while moving in together was one of the best decisions ever, we quickly in July had to learn a lot about each how, how to communicate and how to be flexible while occupying 550 square feet in Brooklyn.

And if you know me, I’m not flexible… I like things a certain way, and usually think my way is the best way (and yes… I’m working on it and sorry for anyone I’ve offended!) So in those first few weeks of being roommates as I used to call it, I learned about something that he did that drove me insane… he hit snooze! I am a teacher and in the month of July, I don’t want to hear an alarm… but when I was hearing his multiple alarms go off every morning, and for some reason to Veruca Salt, I knew something had to change… and that was that neither of us would press snooze if the other person was in bed.

So as September began, and school started, and the schedule filled up quickly, I knew that if I wanted to workout, it had to be done before work and early. And since I’ve made that decision, I have never missed a single planned morning workout and here is how…

1. Do Not Press Snooze! The second you hear the alarm, get up… You won’t register how early it is or how tired you are before you’re well out of the bedroom!

2. Lay your clothes out. Sounds simple but taking the guess work out of what you’re going to wear is huge! I know some people sleep in their workout clothes (aka my hubby) and that’s helpful too!

3. Have some caffeine! I swear by my pre – performance workout drink! The best thing about it is if I drink it and then don’t work out, as the substance is running through my body, I get tingles… so you might as well workout to prevent the tingles!

4. Have a plan! The programs I follow at home have calendars so I know weeks in advance what the workout is and how much time I need! This also helps me mentally prepare for it!

5. Give yourself some time to reflect on the day. After my alarm goes off at 4:30, I don’t work out for 20 minutes… I usually drink my energiZe and check my day. This helps me wake up a bit!

And here is the most important:

6. It’s all about mindset and this is the most important! I go to bed with the intention of waking up and working out… If I have any self doubt about it, I can’t make myself get up to workout. Trick your mind into saying, I can’t wait to get up and workout… I promise you, if you only think about how great it will be and remove all the negative thoughts, you will do morning workouts…

I recently heard on a podcast, that you should do something everyday that makes you uncomfortable… Try the whole morning workout thing for 21 days, get uncomfortable and see how you mentally and physically change.

Day 2 – Importance of Morning Workouts

I am the first to admit, I hate waking up early. As a teacher, I’m up early enough during the week, but to have to wake up even earlier to work out sounds miserable. However, there are some days that I know I will not get a workout in if I don’t wake – up early and today was one of those days. I’m committed to this program for 21 days so I’m making sure I find the time.

I have done AM workouts in the past, but not consistently. I love getting it done and having an afternoon/evening without a workout, but when that alarm goes off, I often make excuses and fall back to sleep. I’ve realized AM workouts are about mindset. 95% of the time when I wake up and get it done, I feel great throughout the day and I am so happy I did it; however, the other 5% I am exhausted throughout the day and extremely hungry. Today was one of those days I felt great and woke up with ease, so what made it so much easier? I’ve put a lot of thought into it today and I realized I was set to wake up and get it done and I knew I had no other choice. It wasn’t that I had my clothes laid out, but I scheduled it and knew my day was starting at 6 am with 21 Day Fix. I even woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and said to myself, “I can’t wait to wake up in three hours to work out”. Positive talk can do wonders.

I know I won’t be able to do AM work outs everyday, but I know that in the future when I need to do them, I have to think positively about it. That being said, day 2 of 21 Day Fix Extreme is done – Upper Body Extreme!