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Accountability and Support

It’s the night before Hammer & Chisel and by that I mean I’m starting a 60 day fitness and nutrition program with a bunch of other people who are using this new Beachbody program. I’m excited though scared because I’ve only completed two Beachbody programs in full, and I wasn’t even that consistent.

However, the exciting part about this program verse other ones I’ve done (or attempted to do) is how many other people are doing it and the motivation and support I’ll get. Not only is one of my good friends doing it, but my coach is doing it and running a support group. Even better than that is Beachbody is running their own Facebook group and the CEO of Beachbody is doing it as well as the creators of the program Autumn and Segi.

This really makes me think of how important it is to have people hold you accountable and to have people support you through your journey in fitness and/or weight loss. As humans, I think it is easier for us to give up on ourselves than disappoint others. By that I mean, I can make excuses for myself and might not feel bad, but if I know I’m accountable to someone, then I’m less likely to let them down.

One of my initial reasons to becoming a health and fitness coach was so I could be accountable to the people I’m coaching. I’m even more excited to be accountable to a huge group of people completing the same program. I am and I know with that support, I won’t quit and I’ll find reasons to have fewer excuses.

Find someone to be your accountability partner. Find someone to hold you accountable. Find someone who will text you each day to make sure you got your workout in. Find someone who will ask what you ate for your meals. Find someone who will compete with you for the most steps in a day or who can drink enough water each day. Find someone to hold you accountable so you don’t give up!