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Day 4 – what to do when hungry 

Hunger got the best of me yesterday; however, rather than giving up, I ate an extra serving of vegetables and that held me over for another two hours before dinner! I contemplated adding an extra protein too, but I’m glad I just had the veggies and then made the decision on the protein! I’ve always been the type of eater who gets what I think I may want because I may still be hungry… but just like yesterday, I need to have a little and then decide if I want more! Food isn’t going anywhere and it’s readily available if I need it!

Besides that, the program is kicking my ass… in a good way! Every ounce of me is sore… even sitting here typing I can feel each muscle! It’s hard to go full out when I’m this sore but I love knowing I’m doing my body right!

Here is a picture of dinner last night! Jalapeño and cheddar turkey burgers… no bun! It was so delicious!

Day 3

I did not miss waking up at 4:40 to work out, but I love the way I feel when I’m done! I feel so much better during the day too and sleep better at night!

Still so sore today so throwing punches was tough! I’m hoping that if I start drinking recharge at night, the soreness won’t be so severe!

I was successful with staying on the nutrition plan yesterday, and excited to tackle Day 3! I was pleasantly surprised with my dinner last night. Needed something easy so just did grilled chicken, roasted veggies, and sweet potato! It all fit in the containers and I felt extremely satisfied. I also was done after my first plate and in the past, I would almost always go back for seconds if something tasted good! Still on my journey with portion control but recognizing things like not needing seconds is a great start to a lifelong habit! 

Core de Force Day 2

All I can say is owwwwweeee, but in a good way. Woke up sore after Day 1, which to me means the program is already working.

Today’s workout was 47 minutes of strength training and primarily push – ups. You know a program is the right program for you when you don’t mind doing it for 47 minutes. We’ll see how I feel when this has to happen at 4:30 in the morning. In previous Beachbody programs that I’ve done, whenever there was something longer than 30 minutes, I hated doing it… even dreaded doing it… but today, loved every minute of it. I love how much stronger I’ve gotten since beginning all of these programs. I can finally do push – ups on my knees… though not all of them yet…

On top of having a great workout today, I have also been able to successfully follow the food plan. I won’t say I’ve felt full all day, but the slight hunger feeling I’ve had actually makes me have more energy than the days I eat too much and feel full. I need to remember this feeling. I upped the calorie bracket today because I also took a dance class, but tomorrow I’ll go back to the lower bracket. I need to remember with this program each day is a new day and one successful day does not equate to another and one poor day does not mean I’ve failed the program.

Below is a photo of the steak salad I had for lunch. It includes homemade mango dressing, mango, kale, avocado, walnuts, and steak… All within perfect portions.

Core de Force Day 1

I don’t know the last time I’ve been this excited for a new program. I’ve followed programs in the past, but didn’t start it with 100%, meaning… I did the workouts but didn’t follow the nutrition. Well, I’ve committed to following the nutrition 90% of the time… I’m being realistic that its the holiday season and I won’t be able to take the containers to every event I attend and I want to enjoy the adult beverages 🙂

That being said, I woke up, drank my energize, did my workout, followed up with recover and then an hour later, had my first meal of the day: 2% plain Greek yogurt, strawberries, with cinnamon and pure vanilla extract. It was surprisingly delicious (I typically don’t like plain yogurt).

I’m excited to share my journey with you during the next 30 days and share my results. My “before” photos were enough for me to give me the extra motivation to stick to the program for these 30 days!