What’s Your Barrier?

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If I told you I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time, would you believe me? The photo on the left is almost 15 years ago, right after college. I went to the gym everyday, and thought I ate healthy, but I hated the way I looked and I constantly compared myself to others. I tried every workout out there and every nutrition program out there. I even did some pretty unhealthy things to try to lose weight, and it never worked… Then, after I broke up with my boyfriend who was a personal trainer, I lost my love of the gym, but luckily, I quickly found it again. My uncle was doing a program called P90X and got great results, and offered to pay for my program and weights… and since they I was hooked with at – home workouts… But, I still struggled and self – sabotaged, and actually never finished that program and never got those great results… Until now

The picture on the right is a girl who works out for herself and not for anyone else. It’s the girl who exercises so she’s a healthy 80 and 90 year old lady and who works out to be the best version of her for yourself, her husband, her family, and her friends. It’s also the girl that constantly reads and listens to personal development in order to overcome negative feelings and thoughts. But, those comments and thoughts of comparison and self – judgement still swirl around in her head at times, and can prevent her from feeling confident. Sometimes the reasons we don’t workout or eat healthy is a deep rooted barrier, that is hard to unmask and something I’ve been uncovering for the past two years.

So what is your barrier?

What is it that prevents you from reaching your goals?

We all have the surface level barriers… Time, will power, space, money, etc… Sure I work out 6 – 7 days a week and am relatively healthy but tell myself that because I work so many hours, I have to work out so early, which prevents me from going full out in the morning, which means I can’t get in great workouts all the time.

But is that the real reason we don’t stick to a workout program or a nutrition plan? What if I said, there are deeper reasons and some that I can’t even name for myself. I am still plagued with ex – boyfriends telling me I was gaining weight or that they didn’t want to be with me because I loved eating Sour Patch Kids (and don’t worry – they are both long gone and I still love Sour Patch Kids)… Today, I have a husband who loves me and tells me I’m perfect, and as I write this, I’m actually the lightest I’ve been since early high school – and yet, I still find flaws and I still find reasons to beat myself up when it comes to food and nutrition…

But why and how can we overcome these internal barriers that prevent us from reaching our goals… We all have an internal struggle and when we don’t address that while working out and eating healthy, we might never be happy with our progress nor will we ever truly love our bodies – and let’s be real – we only have one and the more we love it, the better we’ll treat it.

I’m telling you all this because I am beyond excited for the newest workout program I am going to complete in January with legendary celebrity trainer… Shaun T… You all probably know him from Insanity, T – 25, Cize, or Max 30, but I know him as a motivational speaker. Sure I’ve worked out with him (though I’ve only ever completed Cize), but I’ve heard him speak and the way he speaks talks to me… He talks about trusting and believing… He talks about transforming your mind, to transform your life. He talks about letting go of the past, and this comes from a person who was sexually molested his whole childhood. So when he releases a workout program that also is a mindset program, you know I’m signing up.

For the first time ever, a trainer has created a program that aims to break down those internal barriers, so you reach those external goals… And, not only will this six week commitment help break down those internal barriers, but the design of the program, makes it easy to quickly turn down external barriers… Why?

  • It is 20 minutes a day so for busy people, parents, college students it makes it harder to not work out when its only 20 minutes, which is 1.3% of your 24 hour day.
  • There is no real equipment needed! The program does use a step (yes, like the 80s step aerobics), but its not a step program, and there is a modifier who doesn’t use the step at all in the whole program so you don’t need it if you don’t have space or money to get it. You also do not need it, if you do not want it. The program calendar does not have a single weight workout; however, if you love lifting weights like me, there are options to include weight lifting workouts.
  • Speaking of modifier… there is one who takes the impact out, so if the external barrier is your current fitness level or restrictions, you have someone who you can follow.
  • There is a calendar… I have gotten a lot of questions about how can I workout consistently first thing in the morning. One of my reasons is I follow a calendar so if I skip a workout, it just messes up the calendar and that drives me crazy ha

The program is currently only released to VIP members and I’d love for you to join me. Prep week starts January 7 and the workouts start January 14. If you’re interested in learning more or trying a demo workout, or signing up, reach out to me ASAP.  Even though I have worked hard to tear down barriers (internal and external), I look forward to tearing down more and helping others along the way.


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