What is your Why?

What is your why?

Ask yourself this question 5 – 7 times…

It could go something like this (this is completely fictional):

  1. Why do you want to lose weight?
  2. Because I have a high school reunion coming up and want to look good.
  3. Why?
  4. Because my ex – boyfriend will be there and I want him to know how good I look now
  5. Why?
  6. Because he cheated on me with a girl who was must skinnier and prettier
  7. Why?
  8. Because I had gained so much weight that I couldn’t give my all in the relationship and became depressed and withdrew from a lot of people.
  9. So why does it really matter now?
  10. Because I don’t want this to happen again with my husband who I love so much

Often times we think we know why we want to start, but until we dig deeper, we might not actually understand the real reason we want to start, and without that real reason, we might not stick with it.

Go ahead try it…

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