Health Hacks

With a feels like temperature of 94, walking the 1.6 miles to the train was less than ideal today… but as I got ready and planned my outfit and my bag accordingly, I never once stopped to think of the alternatives. As I began the walk, I saw few people out, and began to wonder what others might be thinking of me… Who was the crazy lady out, walking in this weather?

I was struck with the realization that I could have Ubered or I could have even driven, but since embarking on this health journey, the small daily “health hacks” have become my norm. The semi – conscious desire of hitting my step goal each day adds up… the 30 minute walk burned 193 calories, which is better than the 10 minute car ride, which could have cost me $8.00.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about daily workouts and clean nutritious meals, but also about those small changes that occur daily. Darren Hardy writes about, small insignificant actions, done daily, compound over time, for big results. I’m going to continue to think about the health hacks I do daily and share them with you.

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