How to Plan for 21 Day Fix

How to Create a 21 Day Fix Meal Plan (Plan A)

I’m almost halfway through my first real time with 21 Day Fix! I’ve done the workouts before, but I’ve never followed the nutrition… mostly because I was scared to try and didn’t think there would be enough food! Since committing this round and knowing my wedding is in 90 days, I’ve actually stuck with the nutrition 90% of the time… I’ve had wine and a few extra pieces of fruit and that’s basically it!

So I wanted to share how I plan for it each week! I’ll be going live on my Facebook page Cair4Health soon with videos of me planning so make sure to head over there and like the page if you haven’t already!

1. Plan dinner for the week first! I try to use recipes that use one veggie 💚, one protein❤️, and one carb 💛. This is my one meal that fluctuates each day… and a go to is chicken, quinoa/sweet potato, veggie and a different spice!

2. Then plan your breakfast! I recommend doing the same breakfast each day. I personally love ricotta cheese, blueberries, and unsweetened coconut! ❤️💜🧡

3. Do the same for lunch. Similar to dinner, I try to do a protein ❤️, veggie 💚, and carb 💛

4. Then I look at what I have left and fill in remaining containers for snacks. It usually consists of veggies in the morning, nuts throughout the day, and a shakeo with fruit in the afternoon💚💙❤️💜

5. I then write my grocery list

6. When I get pack from the grocery store, I do as much meal prepping as possible. I often cook about 2 pounds of chicken, portion then into 5 baggies so I can easily take them to work! I also bake 2-3 sweet potatoes and cut up fruit and veggies for the week and put them in plastic baggies too!

Hopefully you found that helpful as a good place to start!

Want me to send you a one week plan for free? Let me know if the comments section and any foods you donot want!

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