Day 4 – what to do when hungry 

Hunger got the best of me yesterday; however, rather than giving up, I ate an extra serving of vegetables and that held me over for another two hours before dinner! I contemplated adding an extra protein too, but I’m glad I just had the veggies and then made the decision on the protein! I’ve always been the type of eater who gets what I think I may want because I may still be hungry… but just like yesterday, I need to have a little and then decide if I want more! Food isn’t going anywhere and it’s readily available if I need it!

Besides that, the program is kicking my ass… in a good way! Every ounce of me is sore… even sitting here typing I can feel each muscle! It’s hard to go full out when I’m this sore but I love knowing I’m doing my body right!

Here is a picture of dinner last night! Jalapeño and cheddar turkey burgers… no bun! It was so delicious!

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