Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

I read recently this week that the average American consumes over 6,000 calories on Superbowl Sunday. I know in past years I’ve eaten a lot to the point it hurts going to bed so I’m going to make sure I’m not one of those Americans who consumes that many calories. Here are some tips I’m going to use tonight that I hope you find helpful.

  1. Get a work out in today. I saved my long run for today which meant running 11 miles and according to my Fitbit over 1,000 calories burned. The other added benefit for me is when I do long runs, I’m actually not hungry. While you would think the opposite would be true, I often feel exhausted and have no appetite for 24 to 48 hours depending on the distance.
  2. Eat before hand. Do not save your calories for tonight otherwise, you will over indulge. After my run, I had a sandwich and a shakeology. I feel full from the two and won’t feel like I need to dive into the food immediately upon entering the party.
  3. Bring something healthy. I stumbled upon Beachbody’s 50 Healthy Superbowl snacks. I’m bringing a healthy 7 layer dip. Click this link to get the webpage
  4. Be smart with what you drink. While I know beer is the go to drink for most sporting events, did you know that beer has more sugar than sugar itself? Yup… the amount of carbs in beer, which is converted to sugar in your body is insanely high. Also, when you drink, your body first metabolizes alcohol… It won’t start using any food as fuel until it uses the alcohol. I’ll be sticking with wine (healthiest of all alcoholic beverages) and drinking water in between.
  5. Have a plan. I am definitely one to eat when good food is in front of me. I’m going to put small amounts on my plate and really try to listen to my body. I’m also going to bring nail polish… I’m going to paint my nails when I’m full so I can’t eat anymore.

Hope these help a bit. Regardless, enjoy tonight. Tomorrow is a brand new day and feeling guilty about enjoying too much food and too much alcohol is not going to help in the long run.


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