Being Consistent During the Holidays

Well, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been far from consistent between the sweets, extra alcoholic beverages, stress, and less time to work out. I woke up today determined to at least track my food using MyFitnessPal and when one of my colleagues offered me homemade toffee at 9 am, I caved. Disgusting, right?

Except, it wasn’t disgusting, it was delicious! What was disgusting, was that I then proceeded to have cheat meals for every meal including both French Onion Soup and a Caesar Salad with two glasses of wine for lunch to celebrate school being out for 11 days. I’ve always firmly believed in the 80% clean rule, 20% cheat meals, but I need to remember that if I eat that 20% at 9 am, then the rest of the day is 80%.

I’ve put in too much work the past few months to get to where I am, and I’m not going to risk reversing all that during this holiday season. Does that mean I’m not going to have my mom’s holiday cookies? Absolutely not, but it does mean, that the rest of that day, I’ll be focusing on clean eating and making sure I get my work outs in.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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