Day Four – Love your Workout 

Today’s workout was Lower Fix Exteme. I started the workout wishing I was doing the regular version instead of the extreme. It started with jump squats and then single leg jump squats then jumping lunges.  However after about ten minutes I realized I was having fun and I was having fun because it was so ridiculously hard that I was enjoying the challenge. While completing the workout I was thinking of how important it is to have fun and love your workout. Each new move today I was pushing myself because I wanted to see how far I could go or how long I could go without a break. Yesterday’s workout was the exact opposite. I don’t typically enjoy Pilates and while it was hard, I wasn’t enjoying it so I wasn’t pushing myself. With so many workout programs out there, it is vital to find something that you enjoy so it becomes a habit and part of your life.

This picture is of me immediately after the workout. I’m rarely this out of breath and sweaty after leg day. Can’t wait for this workout next week.


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