Day 3: Can’t live without Shakeology

Well last night was my school’s holiday party and it involved a lot of food and an open bar. In terms of food, I was relatively good. I had none of the appetizers which was mostly fried food and I stuck with a lot of veggies and protein during dinner; though, I did have a small amount of mashed potatoes. 

While I kept the food in check, I had one too many drinks which made for a rough morning. For years, my go to after a night out on a work night was to get a bagel and cream cheese and possibly hash browns from Dunkin Donuts. However, I don’t even know the last time I resorted to this after a night out. I’ve been drinking Shakeology regularly for the past few months and I contribute a lot of my health success to this all natural shake. It has removed almost all of my cravings for sugar and it has definitely removed my craving for a bagel after a night  of drinking. Shakeology also helps me feel normal after a night of drinking. I had my shake at 9 am and felt completely like myself, not groggy at all.

Today’s  workout was 21 day fix extreme Pilates. All I can say is insane. I could barely do any of the moves but excited to see what I can do next week. It’s all about the small improvements!

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